Affordable Paving Pretoria!

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Affordable paving installer in Pretoria

There is a vast difference between cheap paving and affordable paving in Pretoria, and that difference begins with Techno Pave, where you can expect exceptional paving for great prices!

Cheap paving won’t last long; of that you can be certain! It’ll end up costing you much more in the long run than it should, when you take into account what you’ll have to spend on repairs or replacement once it’s installed.

One of the major benefits that come with choosing to work with Techno Pave is that you’ll be dealing with the owner, Jacques Barlow, who is intimately involved in every project that crosses the drawing board at Techno Pave.

With hundreds of paving projects under the belt after more than 20 years in the industry, the skilled professionals at Techno Pave are the number one choice when it comes to new installations of residential, commercial and industrial paving in Pretoria.

As specialists in brick paving and civil construction projects, Jacques and his team at Techno Pave are able to tackle any project, no matter how big or small, with steel fencing, carports, tar surfacing and curbing included in their range of professional services.

Paving in Pretoria & Johannesburg

Techno Pave operates from offices in Sandton and in Pretoria, extending their services across these greater metropolitan areas to include outlying areas.

Residential paving 

If you’re looking for the top team to design and install paving in Pretoria and Johannesburg, you’ve come to the right place! No matter how intricate your paving ideas may be, or how simple they may be, you can trust Jacques to take your vision of paving for your home and make it a reality.

Techno Pave treats every paving project as a work of art, and if what their customers have to say about the skilled workmanship you can look forward to is anything to go by, then you can have absolute peace of mind about the quality of paving you’ll be investing in.

Commercial paving

Commercial paving has to be of such a high standard that it can withstand all the purposes for its installation, including heavy traffic, which is yet another reason to trust the experience and accumulated knowledge Jacques and his teams brings to every commercial paving project in Pretoria.

Techno Pave carries out paving projects at schools, shopping centers, sports clubs, hospitals and residential complexes, to name a few, while architects, property developers and real estate agents rely on this team for quality paving delivered on time.

Industrial paving

As paving specialists, Techno Pave is in the position to tackle industrial and other large scale paving projects, irrespective of size. This team uses interlocking paving methods that are designed to be able to withstand any heavy duty traffic in the long term, offering you paving that goes the distance, in terms of offering you an excellent return on investment.

Contact Techno Pave for a free paving quotation!

A free, no-obligation quotation from Techno Pave is just a click away! This is where you’ll get advice you can rely on for any paving project, at prices that are designed to meet with your budget and still deliver real quality.

Feel free to contact the friendly team at Techno Pave to make an appointment to visit their offices in Pretoria and Johannesburg, or simply contact them via WhatsApp or email for the nitty gritty on getting the best paving in Pretoria, at the most affordable prices!