Home Interior Design Trends for 2022

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Home interior is an application of ideas, themes & items all put together to personalize your home. It is not only stuffing your house with items; it is how you decorate your house to give it a unique identity. Home interior trends are never constant. They are continuously evolving and progressing. As the phrase says, nature organizes the disorganization. The same goes for interior designing, how you use ideas, fusion & inspiration to bring out beauty & elegance to your space. 2022 is almost here. 

Below are the 10 expected home interior ideas by Wanda Michelle Interiors for 2022 that will set the trend of style, approach & modernity to represent your house by customizing your ideas.

1. Welcome Back Vintage

Antique & Vintage home interior ideas always bring uniqueness & elegance. In 2022, Vintage will be the theme. Trends come, trends die, but the vintage trend never goes out of fashion in interior decoration. From furniture to decoration items, an antique is going to make a strong presence. Freshly painted antique items, Classic Walls & Curtains, Traditional furniture are never out of fashion but a sign of a Bold & convincing family.

2. Entangled Design

People are bored of confining themselves to closed spaces & quarantined lifestyles. It is time to come out open in 2022. Entangles Designs are open-air spaces. An open-air extension of the home is not only a refreshing & stylish trend for the upcoming year. Entangled designs are not just open air. Artificial grass, irregular edges, and some beautiful sitting arrangements create a more organic or natural look.

3. Once a Marble, always a Marble.

Marbles are never out of fashion. Suppose someone who is used to a marble-rich house will always prefer stone over any trend. Heavy, stylish, yet bold marbles are long-lasting & a favorite choice all around the world. It gives a strong, clean & fresh look to your house. From kitchen slabs to washrooms, from interior to exterior, Marbles are timeless stones used everywhere & are never out of style.

4. Biophilic or Natural Design

If you don’t have a garden, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy nature. The biophilic interior features nature in an indoor space. In this era of Global warming, people are much aware of the pro-nature style of living. So incorporating plants in the home interior will not only promote clean air & a relaxing effect, but it will also bring style & beauty to your home.


5. More Fabric than ever

The textured fabrics are making a comeback in the 2022 home interior. Almost two years inside the house gave people enough time to evaluate their interior theme & to bring in a comfier trend. Sherpa, Velvets, Silk & Boucle will enhance the house’s beauty with comfort & luxury as well. The use of textiles and fabrics in an interior adds versatility and warmth.

6. Natural light/Eco friendly

Natural light is a continuous source of energy & illumination for your home. Daylight views are always a sign of healthy living & appreciating nature. Large windows & open spaces are a new trend to welcome more & more sunlight to extract energy from & to promote a healthy lifestyle. Fitness is a new fashion. Many celebrities are also promoting daylight energy consumption to promote clean energy use. Natural daylight & running the house via solar energy add an eco-friendly vibe to the house.

7. Pure Minimalism

Pure minimalist never fades away. Decluttering gives you peace of mind & also helps you get rid of unnecessary possessions within the home. It is like a detox therapy to many & helps reduce stress. Pure Minimalism is going to be a style statement for many in 2022. 

8. Soft & Natural Shades

Since people are spending their lives inside their houses, more than ever, mental peace & simple living have become inevitable choices. For peace of mind, people prefer light shades & a more natural approach. Black, Green, Purple, Brown is no more a trend as you will see mild Olive, White, light shades of Brown, Peach or Beige, Gray & soft tones of many colors. If you want a relaxing look, soft colors are the first step. 

9. Reading Spot

The presence of books & reading activities in the house directly impacts the members of the family & visitors also feel a positive impact. No matter how we rely on the internet & e-learning. Books are never out of trend. As you can see on Insta, Tiktok & Pinterest, a personal library or study area are ‘in’ trend with a minimal or colorful theme, whatever your personal choice is. A reading spot with a piece of cozy furniture, antique lamps, glass walls &/or customized wallpapers gives your house a stylish yet evergreen love for books.

10. WFH Space

Ever since Work From Home is work, people started feeling the need to decorate personal spaces in their home for their office-cum-home & progress is on its way. There is no definitive rule to have a WFH Space that is only visible in your background or your pictures on social media. This area is the personal, comfortable & most important zone incorporated with bright light, office table & Printer desk, panels & small shelves with elegant vas to make it refreshing. 

That was our list of the 10 expected Home Interior Designing trends in 2022. What are you planning for your home, share with us in the comments section.

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