How To Build Self Confidence In Your New Job

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It is the first day of your new teaching job. You walk through the door, and there it is — a fast heartbeat and the shrinking fear of not knowing anyone. You don’t know who to talk to, you don’t know how things are done, and you don’t know how over-the-top professional or friendly you need to be to your coworkers.

Oh, and you don’t even know where to get the good coffee. And for most people, that is just the beginning. A new job can stir anxiety, make you feel like an outsider, not good enough or feel smaller than you are. 

However, the sooner you face these fears, the sooner you can work comfortably and start making an impact. Here are some helpful ways to face your fears, calm your nerves and build more confidence in your new job.

Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

Depending on your job, you might have to speak to audiences at times. Whether in meetings or client presentations, it can be terrifying at first. 

To conquer this fear, you will need to take action. Begin by talking to an individual, then a small group and work your way up to a larger group. These steps should help you ease out the anxieties and gain confidence along the way. 


Walking into your new job with a tension-filled body and clenched fists will not only wear you out but will also make everyone tense and on edge. You may be short and snappish with others since that is how your body operates. Or you might be less inclined to talk and start a conversation with new co-workers since you are in your self-protection mode. 

The best thing you can do is to relax. Breathe naturally. Loosen your shoulders. Listen to your body. And when you feel it tightening up or becoming too tense, inhale, exhale and make a quick decision to loosen up and relax.

Walk Tall and Confident

Consider your body posture. Make sure you are not slouching and that you are standing straight up and holding yourself well. People who are unsure and filled with anxiety tend to slouch, so walking tall will give you an air of confidence that will make people respect you.

Remember Why You Are There

The fear of a new job can easily make you forget what you are doing there in the first place. Remind yourself that you are at your new job since you were chosen— among all the candidates— as the best individual for the job. Remember, that you are there to make an impact.

Remind yourself why you were so excited about getting the job. Whether it is how you grow, because of what you get to do, the difference you get to make, or the value you can add, remember those and focus. Some people consider executive coaching to help them remember why they were chosen and achieve professional growth. 

See Your Co-Workers As People Too

Part of the fear of a brand new job is comparing yourself to older colleagues and thinking that everyone around you is so much better in some ways — because of how much they do and what they know — since they’ve been there longer. However, this is a normal brain reaction. 

Remember that everyone around you is imperfect and incomplete. They have their potential, history, losses, wins, weaknesses, and strengths. And comparing yourself to your co-workers automatically makes them look better keeping you fearful and small. 

The truth is that we are all people, and we have all been faced with a new job before. So, the next time you find yourself sizing yourself up with new co-workers because you think that they are so much better than you, smile and remind yourself that you are all in the same boat.