Make Safety Your Number One Priority With Steel Palisade Fencing

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The safety of one’s family is the most important thing in the world. Replacing stolen possessions after a break-in and dealing with insurance companies are challenging to say the least, but to lose a loved one at the hand of intruders is truly heartbreaking.

Long gone are the days where children could play in the streets and walk back and forth to the shops and friends houses. These days you can’t even leave your kids to play in their own backyard. Unless you have secure, quality fencing around your property.

There’s no use in sugarcoating the crime in South Africa – it’s rife! The sad truth is that people aren’t safe anywhere, not even in their own homes. South Africa has become a place where crime is second nature due to the high unemployment rate. And while there isn’t much we can do about it, you can try and protect your home and your family as much as possible by taking every possible safety measure. 

While a solid wall might seem like a great idea, it often poses an equally big threat since it gives intruders somewhere to hide out of sight. When it comes to palisade fencing, there’s nowhere to hide, making it a natural deterrent when choosing their next victim.

Quality Palisade Fencing Will Keep Your Family Safe

Quality palisade fencing is nearly impossible to bend or cut. In addition, it can be installed at various heights for maximum protection. It’s also durable and will last a long time. If you want an attractive fencing solution that’s difficult to climb and will keep unwanted intruders where they belong, palisade fencing is the answer.

When you hire professionals to install your palisade fencing, you can rest assured that no one will enter your property uninvited. High-quality palisade fencing manufacturers and installers only use security shear nut fasteners and unique sandwiched fixers for their installations. And since palisade fencing components are typically galvanised, this solution is ideal for coastal regions as well. 

Properly installing palisade fencing is equally as important as using quality materials. If not well installed, the safety of your family could be at risk. For this reason, we don’t recommend a DIY approach. Instead, trained and qualified installation professionals should install your fencing according to your site specifications. Make sure your installer carries warranties, so you’ll be protected against defective workmanship and materials. To ensure the safety of you and your family, ensure they use SABS approved materials to manufacture their secure fencing system.

Steel palisade fencing is an excellent option when it comes to securing your home. Especially if you opt for quality steel fencing. When it comes to the safety of your family, only the best will do. If you are concerned about securing your home, take action now and install the strongest fence type you can — palisade fencing.