Outsource Your Board Services

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It’s easy to get tangled in red tape when you’re spending too much time on setting up board meetings, wasting both time and money in an effort to ensure that the meetings run smoothly.

Board meetings are essential to keeping your company healthy, giving directors the opportunity to focus on the performance of the company and deal with any problems the company may be facing, as well as to focus on any new policies that could be worth implementing.

This is also where board members can focus on short-term and long-term goals for the company, manage any conflicts of interest and even work on the development of sound working relationships with managers.

When you choose to outsource your board meeting requirements to Kilgetty Statutory Services, you’ll have a leading company secretarial firm on your side to tackle all the aspects of preparing for a board meeting designed to run smoothly.

This team of professionals offers cost-effective board services that will take all the strain of setting up a board meeting off your shoulders, from start to conclusion, and beyond the meeting.

Kilgetty Board Services include the following:

Meeting with CEO

The experts at Kilgetty will meet with the CEO of the company in order to plan the board meeting, assisting with the preparation of an effective agenda.

Compilation, collation & distribution of Board meeting packs

Kilgetty will compile the Board Agenda, collate the Board packs and circulate the Board meeting packs to Board members and other attendees. You can choose whether you’d like these Board meeting packs presented in printed format, Ipad software enabled format or electronic format.

Board meeting attendance register

You’ll have all the assistance you need to set up and compile the Board meeting register, which will include a record of attendance at the Board meeting once it’s completed.

Board meeting minutes

The team at Kilgetty will assist you in compiling the minutes of the Board meeting, which will include any action list that may emanate from the meeting, and will distribute these minutes to all who should have them.

Following up with management

Once the minutes and actionable items have been distributed, Kilgetty will follow up with relevant departments and management regarding the completion of these action items.

Shareholder Meeting Services available from Kilgetty

Shareholder Meeting services include assistance with:

  • Compiling the Notice convening a General or Annual General Meeting with the CEO and Chairman of the Board.
  • Preparing the Notice convening the General or Annual General meeting and the proxy form.
  • Circulation of the Notice to all shareholders and the compilation of the Chairman’s pack, as well as the proxy register.
  • Tracking attendance at the General or Annual General meeting to verify a vote count, taking of meeting minutes, as well as registering any Special Resolutions with the CIPC.

In addition to these stellar Board Services and Shareholder Meeting Services, Kilgetty offers your Board of Directors the opportunity to raise the bar when it comes to enhancing its performance, as well as to meet the needs of both your company and its stakeholders, with their Board Evaluation services.

This formal, comprehensive Board Evaluation is an external evaluation that can be carried out by Kilgetty every two years at your request.

Contact Kilgetty Statutory Services to find out more about their Board Services, Board Meeting Services and Board Evaluation, before you start preparing for your next Board Meeting!

Kilgetty is home to a phenomenal range of solutions to meet the corporate and secretarial requirements of any company, in any sector. This team is standing by to assist you with all your statutory requirements and more, no matter how big or small your business is!