The best type of shower installation for your new bathroom

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There are many different types of showers to choose from, but the best shower for you depends on your bathroom design and what you’ll use it for. This article will help give some guidance by exploring some of the pros and cons of each type.

The first consideration is whether you need a stand-alone tub or prefer a walk-in shower with bench seating. The former can be great if space is an issue, while most people find that they prefer the latter because there’s more room to move around in. If you do go with a walk-in shower, make sure it has enough room for two people at once so everyone gets their own spot!

Another big factor is how much water pressure your home plumbing supplies; not all houses have high water pressure, so if you have a shower with multiple nozzles, it might not work as well as a single-nozzle one.

Patchouli Shower

Some people like to create sensory experiences in their showers by adding special features such as color therapy or aromatherapy. A Patchouli Shower uses patches of color that change according to the water temperature so you can enjoy bathing in a rainbow of colors.

Patchouli Showers are the perfect product for the environmentally conscious person looking to create a relaxing atmosphere. They use no heat, so they reduce your energy bills, and unlike traditional showers, where water splashes everywhere, all of the water stays within the shower.

Spa Shower

Another option is the Spa Shower, which also creates a full-body cleansing experience with water that contains natural minerals. It’s designed for people who want their showers to have the same relaxing feel as a trip to the spa.

Unlike traditional showers, where all of the water sprays from one nozzle, Spa Showers have multiple outlets that are spaced evenly across the floor. The secret to their calming effect is the mineral reservoir at the base of each outlet; as you bathe, minerals are infused into your skin and help to relax your muscles.

Whirlpool Shower

If you want a full body experience and multiple nozzles, you might consider the Whirlpool Shower. It functions like a spa shower, with multiple outlets spaced evenly across the floor; however, it also has a whirlpool feature that allows you to sit in one spot and let the water massage your body.

A multi-nozzle whirlpool shower makes a great option for those who want a relaxing atmosphere and a full-body cleansing experience.

Rain Shower

If you have high water pressure, consider getting a rain shower, which has one single nozzle that spouts from the ceiling instead of multiple ones spread across the floor. They’re a great option if you want a more traditional shower experience.

A rain shower can be a great way to get a full-body cleansing experience. These showers have one single nozzle that sprays from the top of the ceiling, making it feel like you’re getting rained on.


Those are just some of the options you have when it comes to showers, but there’s another choice to think about: traditional or hand-held? A hand-held shower can be easier to use for children and people with mobility issues, while most people prefer the convenience of a traditional shower. Whichever you choose, just remember that anything is possible with a little help from the professionals at your local home improvement store!

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