Update Your Home’s Exterior on a Budget with Roof Painting

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Something as simple as painting your roof can improve the look of your entire home. Usually, shades of brown and earth tones are preferred, but with such a wide range of colours on the market, you can be more adventurous than ever.

Roofs are often only painted for aesthetic reasons, but the surface must also be painted to ensure the durability of the roofing material. When painting the roof, protective layers are applied to lower the temperature inside the property. Painting the roof requires skill, experience and qualified personnel so that you get a great result. 

Experts agree that for proper maintenance, the roof surface should be painted at least every five years. This not only keeps your roof in top shape, but it also allows whoever is painting your roof to fix minor issues like leaks before they become bigger, more expensive problems. Gutter cleaning and sealing of gutter spacers are also tasks that should be considered when painting the roof.

Preparation Is Vital

Repairs such as rust treatment and waterproofing should be done before painting. The repair process includes pressure washing to clean the roof or walls to remove loose and soiled paint, depending on the type of surface.

Use Quality Roof Paint

The paint used on the surface of your roof should be light, water, and heat resistant and should not peel, fade or crack. A good time of year to paint your roof, of course, are the months when it rains less. Pick a day or two when no rain is on the forecast.

Things to Consider When Painting a Roof

  • Does the roof need to be painted or replaced? Check the condition of the roof all over and consider its age. If the roof is old and damaged, then consider a roof replacement.
  • Consider where your home is located. Is it near the ocean? Properties in coastal areas may need two coats of primer before applying the topcoat.
  • Make sure the roof colour suits the other exterior elements. This will increase the value of your property and be appealing to prospective buyers.
  • When choosing paint for your roof, try to find paint with added benefits like UV resistance. The roof gets more wear and tear from the sun than any other part of your home so, having a good UV protector in your paint is critical.
  • You may be limited to only using specific colours to match the overall appearance when living in a complex. Find out what the guidelines are before hiring a contractor.

Employing an expert painting contractor takes the worry and hassle of painting and maintaining your roof.