Want more clients? The right corporate gifts can do that for you!

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When it comes to corporate gifts, there are two types of people: those who have tried and failed and those who haven’t even bothered. The latter group is missing out on a huge opportunity!

The right corporate gift can do wonders for your business by showing appreciation and strengthening relationships with clients, vendors, employees and prospects. And the benefits don’t stop at goodwill; you’ll also see an uptick in revenue from new or existing customers. A small investment now could lead to big returns later!

There’s no excuse not to get started today. These simple strategies will help you choose the perfect present every time: >What kind of company does your recipient work for? Are they looking for something practical or fun? Is this an internal or external gift? >When’s the last time you saw them?

What kind of company does your recipient work for?

Different types of businesses have different priorities. When selecting gifts, it’s important to understand what matters most to each client. With someone who owns his or her own business, for instance, you should focus on items that are practical, elegant or whimsical. On the other hand, if your prospect works for a corporation, your gifts should be more formal and refined.

Are they looking for something practical or fun?

You can’t just go with one type of product; you need to consider both functional and recreational options. With the former, try giving away useful gifts like pens, T-shirts or mugs that can add a professional touch to their desks. With the latter, try organizing a company outing where you pass out bags of goodies instead of personalized nametags. Is this an internal or external gift?

Internal presents are typically given during office parties and customer appreciation events.

These items should be more practical and fun so they don’t get put on a shelf and forgotten.

External gifts, on the other hand, are usually given in a one-on-one setting to clients who have been loyal to your company for years or to prospects that you’re wooing. Gifts of this type should be more personal and creative in nature, such as boxes of chocolate, bottles of wine or multimedia players stocked with your company’s favorite music.

When you get together with clients for the first time, it’s always safe to get both internal and external gifts since you don’t yet know which type is more appropriate. When’s the last time you saw them?

If they’re an old friend, you can get a little bit more creative about your choice, but try not to go overboard.

Many of these presents are meant to be fun and frivolous, so choose one that suits their interests. In the end, the point is simply to put a smile on their face!

You may also want to consider what other people from your business will be giving out. You don’t want to give someone the same present as another coworker, so think about what everyone else is getting before you settle on a choice.


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