Why Do You Need to Invest in Workwear Clothing?

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While it doesn’t apply to every industry that uses workwear clothing, in hazardous industries, which range from roadworks to pharmaceutical manufacturing, construction areas, warehouses and industrial premises, high quality safety workwear is an essential investment for any business owner.

As a business owner, safety workwear clothing is also your investment in reducing any risk of accidents in your business, or avoiding the possibility of fatalities for work crews, especially for those who are operating under hazardous conditions daily.

High visibility clothing has in actual fact been around since the 1930’s, based on a major industrial accident at the beginning of the industrial revolution, and today, with the massive range of what can definitely be called hazardous professions, high visibility workwear clothing has become a legal requirement for many of these professions.

However, it’s not just about high visibility workwear or protective workwear. There are many industries, such as the hospitality industry, tourism industry and commercial businesses, in which workwear clothing is used to make staff recognizable to the general public.

This is one of the major reasons that Totalguard Workwear offers workwear branding, ensuring that not only is your staff set apart, but that your logo and brand is made visible in one of the best ways to create brand awareness.

Guarantee workforce safety with high quality workwear clothing!

In terms of the legal standards and requirements any employer is expected to follow in terms of safety workwear clothing for employees, it’s essential that you invest in high quality workwear clothing from Totalguard Workwear.

Totalguard Workwear has earned a phenomenal reputation as a supplier of workwear clothing and high visibility safety workwear clothing, as well as including a range of casual clothing, designed to give retail staff a uniform appearance as ambassadors of your company.

Compromising on quality is simply going to cost you more in the long term, especially if the quality of your workwear clothing doesn’t comply with Health and Safety regulations.

Aside from this, low quality workwear clothing means you’ll also have to replace workwear more often than you would if you invested in quality workwear clothing!

Save money by buying workwear clothing online from Totalguard Workwear!

When you buy workwear clothing online from Totalguard Workwear, you’re not only going to be saving money in the long term by investing in quality workwear, that same high quality will also reduce injuries in your team.

Buying high quality workwear clothing, whether its commercial workwear or safety workwear, means that you won’t be compromising on safety, which can also save you a lot of money, especially if time is lost due to serious injury!

Even in the restaurant industry a slip and fall in the kitchen of your establishment can become a very costly experience, especially if you haven’t supplied your kitchen staff with safety shoes!

Where to buy high quality workwear clothing in South Africa!

Short and sweet answer? Well, at Totalguard Workwear, of course! Totalguard Workwear is your one-stop-shop for everything and anything to do with workwear clothing, high-visibility clothing, PPE and so much more!

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